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Facing a Deadline

Normally, I just write whatever comes to mind, quality be damned. Now that I have a paying job to write a column for the Northwest Brewing News, I’ve find myself actually contemplating the words I expect the public to see.  So facing the first deadline of my “career,” I have found little time to actually devote to my loyal readers.  In response, I’m going back to my roots, with a stream of consciousness type post.  Enjoy!  Continue reading Facing a Deadline

A Good Year For Beer

I always like “laying down” a good bottle of beer and saving it for a later date.  While the practice of actually laying down a bottle of beer is up for debate (I’m of the belief that all bottles of beer should be kept vertical), the practice of keeping beer is apparently catching on.  To meet the needs of those in the wider world, I felt it appropriate to sample a beer that had been kept for some time as well as present an article from Eric Asimov of the New York Times.  Continue reading A Good Year For Beer

Pre-Christmas Cheer

I had been looking forward to last night for some time.  Brown Shugga on cask, it really doesn’t get as good as that.  My friends and I have been raving about this years Brown Shugga, how it really has stepped up as one of the best beers of this season.  When I heard it would be on cask, I immediately scheduled a baby sitter and planned a night out with the wife.  Continue reading Pre-Christmas Cheer

Change of Plans

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of Lagunitas and their seasonal brews.  This summer has been good to me in that respect as I’ve been able to drink my favorite Lagunitas seasonal, Lucky 13, and be introduced to what is a new favorite, We’re Only In It For The Money.  Such a good summer comes at a cost though.  There have been changes to the Lagunitas release schedule.  Continue reading Change of Plans

We Survived: Friday Night

Wes came, he saw, he drank, he left.  The beer list wasn’t what we had initially expected, but it was impressive no less.  We visited some good places, ate some good food and had a good time all around.  Here’s a quick look back on what went down.  Continue reading We Survived: Friday Night

‘Tis the Season

Seasonal Release that is. One of my favorite local breweries (with a wide distribution) is Lagunitas. The IPA is their bread and butter, and while I have grown bored with it, the brewery still appeals to me with the other brews they release from time to time. I’m sure many of you have run into their wacky Frank Zappa inspired brews, but that day has passed. Winter brings new releases. This year, Cappuccino Stout in 22 oz bottles and 6 packs of Brown Shugga. Continue reading ‘Tis the Season