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About Brewed For Thought

My name is Mario Rubio and I’m a beer writer. Brewed For Thought is my personal beer blog. I will try and share news and thoughts about the beer industry on this page as well as a weekly Beer of the Week column.

My writing can also be found in the Northwest Brewing News, Examiner.com and on RateBeer’s Hop press where I am the editor.

Brewed For Thought provides event promotion in the North Bay for craft beer locations as well as offers services as a host for private beer tastings. For more information on each, please contact me at the email listed below.

Originally, Brewed For Thought was a collaborative effort between college buddies (Wes and Brian) and I. We originally wanted to create a beer review site until we realized Beer Advocate and RateBeer had already done it. After a couple months of writing about our beer experiences (and welcoming another friend, Sam, to the fold), it became quite apparent that I would be the main contributor to the site. The site began in November of 2007 and made the step to a hosted domain in September of 2008.

Want to contact me? Shoot me an email at mario @ brewedforthought.com

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