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Brewed For Hot

Introducing Brewed For Hot sauces by Brewed For Thought!

Brewed For Hot is a new line of sauces made by Mario Rubio of Brewed For Thought. The idea came from Mario’s love for hot sauce and wanting something different. A fan of smoked foods and, of course, beer, Mario set forth to create a hot sauce that captured both flavors and combined them into a sauce that would go well on any dish.

Currently, there are two sauces in the Brewed For Hot line. Smoked Habanero is made with smoked habanero chiles and blended with carrots, onions vinegar and spices to create a sauce with some serious kick for meal. Whether you add a drop at a time or are brave and splash it on your food liberally, the citrusy flavor of the habanero perks up everything from eggs to pizza or your favorite bloody mary.

For a more mild sauce, try the Smoke-atillo. Smoke-atillo is made with a variety of smoked peppers and oven-roasted tomatillos and onions. This classic green sauce is a personal favorite on fish tacos but can go anywhere your food needs a pick me up with too much heat. Try mixing a bottle of Smoke-atillo with a smashed avocado and a touch of salt for a quick and easy aguacuate salsa that will be the talk of the party.

Brewed For Hot sauces are currently looking for retailers. If you would like more information, please contact Mario Rubio at mario(at)brewedforthought.com.