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Karma and Beer

Carson Daly is a wise man.  Karma is a powerful force.  A few weeks ago, I shared my pizza bites at Russian River’s brewpub with some fellow pub visitors. I wasn’t going to eat them all.  During my next visit, the person next to me at the bar shared their pizza with me.  That’s something small, now for something big.  A week ago I sent off some old electronics I wasn’t using to a friend in Denver.  Today, Karma paid me back. 

The contents of the package are as follows:

  • Great Divide Oak-Aged Yeti 22 oz (2)
  • Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale (2)
  • Oskar Blues Gordon (2)
  • Oskar Blues Old Chub (2)
  • Great Divide Titan IPA (3)
  • Great Divide Hades Belgian Style Ale (3)
  • Great Divide  Denver Pale Ale (3)
  • Great Divide Samurai Rice Ale (3)

Thanks to an unnamed delivery service for ignoring the clanking of glass bottles housed inside the 12-pack without padding.  Thank you for also not breaking said bottles.  My coworkers gathered around when the package arrived so I shared my bounty, a Titan IPA to the IPA lover and a Samurai to the Saporo lover.  Most of all, thanks Dave.

Expect reviews of these beers in the coming days.  I already have a fridge full of beer, but welcome more.