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Heritage Public House: Redux

Craft beer themed establishments are opening seemingly all the time in Santa Rosa. If they’re not a beer bar, then they might be a restaurant with a large craft beer selection or a even an off-premise bottle shop. Heritage Public House was one of the earlier places to open, but apparently, they liked it so much they moved to Mendocino Avenue (the former Video Droid building) and opened all over again. Here’s a look at the new Heritage Public House. 

Joking aside, Heritage Public House moved from the previous Cleveland Avenue location to the current Santa Rosa location for one simple reason: location. On Mendocino Avenue, Heritage Public House is highly visible and surrounded by residential, commercial and the bustling Santa Rosa Junior College. With the move, many things stayed the same. All the beer is still exclusively from California. The kitchen still focuses on seasonally fresh, local ingredients and hand made menu items. Roman and Erlina are still front and center and putting their own stamp on Heritage’s style and selection.

The beer selection is well-rounded with a lot of beers in the session, pale ale and IPA categories select offerings available to cater to varying tastes. For beer geeks looking for ultra rare beers, the selection is limited by the California-only nature of the list, but there are still plenty of one-offs on draft. From novices to long-time beer tickers, the beer menu is varied enough to have something for everyone

So what is new, you might be asking. First, the new location is much larger. Seating for dining is new as is a back room with a pool table. Care to enjoy the sun? The outdoor patio is lined with hops and feels miles away from the busy Mendocino Avenue just outside the beer garden.

Second, Executive Chef Andrew Oldfield has created a new menu that features pub grub with a Sonoma County twist. The Miner’s Plate is a great place to start for groups looking for something to snack on. A tray of three items (one each from The Field, The Dairy and The Beast) can make a large meal for one or be the perfect accompaniment to a round of beers.

They’ve also added a more robust menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, salads and dinners. The Bangers and Mash were tender and covered in an Old Rasputin onion gravy that will surely lure me back in the winter months. The Bloody Beet Burger features a ground beef patty but the sliced beet stains the sandwich, lending the burger it’s name. The Bahn Mi was a personal favorite, with plenty of pork belly and combination of sensations on the tongue it was satisfying and refreshing and begging me to come back for another.

Evening are already busy at the new Heritage Public House. With school back in session they anticipate increased business at lunch as well. With the Grand Opening still in the works, expect minor changes to the menu and a steady rotation among the beers. Heritage Public House has taken a great idea that started on Cleveland Avenue and found a great execution of that idea on Mendocino Ave.

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