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Beer of the Week: Ruth McGowan’s Brewpub Monster Brown Ale

San Francisco Beer Week is wrapping up and I’ve made a commitment this year to stay as local as possible during this celebration of beer. As part of that, I wanted to feature Sonoma County beer in this space to honor the space in this world I like to call Beer Country. This week’s Beer of the Week is Ruth McGowan’s Brewpub’s Monster Brown Ale.

It’s alive! Monster Brown has a soft hop aroma preceding a big, malt-chocolate finish. Free your inner beast and run with the monster.

7.6% alcohol by volume.

Monster Brown starts with a subtle hop aroma sitting on top of a roasty malt body. The pour is a clear brown with a white head. Monster Brown goes down easy with a nutty front end that finishes with a touch of sweetened coffee and bristly hops.

When I first got into beer, I was lured by the flower of the hop. As time has gone on though, I’ve discovered my true love to be brown ales and porters. Monster Brown provides everything I love about the style: rich malt flavors, clean body while being refreshing and satisfying. Bold enough to go with nearly any dish, I personally enjoy an American Brown Ale as an appetizer on it’s own.

Look for Monster Brown throughout the North Bay and also at Oliver’s Market where it will be a featured part of their upcoming in-house beer and cheese pairing.