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Quick Thoughts: November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving is almost here. Seems like everyone is ready for the feast, but we’ve still got work to do. Here’s what’s going on around the beer world this week: 

This Dog May Bite: Lagunitas owner Tony Magee let his feelings about big market brewers vs small market brewers be known via Twitter this week. Best to read it yourself at Beer Pulse.

What makes a fruit beer fruity?: Alamanac Beer Company was at Toad in the Hole this week and I was happy to be drinking their Extra Pale Ale. Did you know the big citrusy bite of the pale ale comes from whole mandarins used in the brewering of the beer? Shoudl you be more aware of this? Should Almanac promote that? Personally, I say no. The beer drinking world still isn’t ready for a flavorful pale ale with a fruit adjunct. At least, not ready for it to be advertised as one.

Firestone Walkers Celebrates Sweet Sixteen: Sixteen years of brewing beer in Paso Robles and Firestone Walker has another exceptional beer to mark the occasion. XVI is sweet with nutty, coffee flavors as well as the signature dark chocolate and rich fruit flavors one would expect from a barrel-aged beer of such depth and potency.

Feast-beers: We tried a wide range of feast-friendly beers at Heritage this Wednesday for our monthly educational night, but what are some of your favorite feast beers? I think I’ll be going with a saison this year. It’s the hot style right now and with a light turkey gravy would make for an excellent dinner companion come Thursday.

Cheers to Imported Beers: Yesterday was Vanburg DeWulf’s Coast 2 Coast Toast. While I was busy celebrating Firestone Walker, I did raise a glass for the special occasion. Look for the Beer of the Week post tomorrow to see what it was I enjoyed.