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Quick Thoughts: October 12, 2012

Oktoberfest has ended but that doesn’t mean the beer will stop flowing nor will the celebrations. While I didn’t attend any new Oktoberfest events this week, there was plenty of beer to be had. 

One more for Petaluma – Petaluma is angling to be considered the brewing center of Beer Country, aka Sonoma County. 101 North is the latest brewery to open its doors in the town famed for eggs and chickens. Lead by Joel Johnson, formerly of Mount Saint Helena Brewing in Middletown, 101 North is now the fourth brewery in Petaluma with rumors of others to come. Try their flagship Heroine IPA at local beer pubs and look for additional releases to start coming down the line.

Farm to Bottle – Alamanac Beer Company came to Heritage Public House this wek to show off their three farm-inspired brews. I really loved their Biere de Mars when it was first released but a little time in the keg has done wonders for this beer. The sharp edges have faded and the rich, licorice-driven flavors of the fennel have emerged and blend more with the flavor of the beer as opposed to standing tall atop the flavor profile. Look for barrel-aged releases to start coming out of this San Francisco based brewery in the coming months.

The End if Near – Hopageddon sounds like a wonderful way to go, and if you like big hops and big beers, then you’ll hope it’s not the end. Napa Smith’s newest Double IPA was on display at Taps on Thursday and was a rich, full flavored hop bomb that went well with playoff baseball. If you can’t find it at Taps before the kegs runs dry, be sure to swing by Heritage Public House on the 24th for another Napa Smith Night.

Thirsty Sunday – Sunday is the day to head to Railroad Square but be sure to bring your running shoes. Start the day by joining in the Alley Cat race, a scavenger hunt to gather food for the local food bank. After, hang out for Toad in the Hole’s GreenHopFest, a celebration of locally brewed fresh hop ales. Live music and plenty of beer will highlight the afternoon and evening. With such a beautiful day in store for us, be sure to enjoy the outdoor patio area as Toad in the Hole closes the sidewalk for this special event.