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Contest: Win your favorite Brewed For Thought Photo as a Canvas Print

When I first started writing Brewed For Thought, I knew beer and very little about running a website. As time passed, I learned to customize the site to the way I liked it. I also figured the best way to make the site look good was to improve my photography skills. While I’m still working on becoming a better photographer, I’ve built up quite the collection of photos from events, features and just having fun with a camera. With so many photos to choose from, EasyCanvasPrints.com wanted the fans of Brewed For Thought to get a chance to take one home. Keep reading below to find out how. 

The contest is simple. Tell me your favorite picture you’ve seen on Brewed For Thought and you can win that photo as an 11×14 canvas print.

That’s it! Share the contest with your friends, all it takes is a comment in the section below and I will pick a winner on the morning of Monday, September 10th.

Need some inspiration? Below are some of my favorites but feel free to choose whichever picture you like the most.

Note: most photos shown here are at a 4:3 aspect. To fit an 11X14 canvas, there will need to be cropping.

Update: Do not feel limited to the slideshow selections. Feel free to browse previous Beer of the Week features for your favorite beers. Look through past Events and see if you can find a picture of yourself. Any photos taken by me, Mario Rubio, and shown on this site are eligible for this competition. It doesn’t matter how old or new, doesn’t matter if it’s an artistic photo or just one you like, it’s your prize, you get to choose.