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Beer of the Week: Moylan’s Brewery Hop Craic XXXX IPA

San Francisco Beer Week rolls on and has been a whirlwind of events, good beer and celebrations of the Bay Area’s craft beer scene. Part of that celebration is new beers making their way into our glasses. One of those beers didn’t face hour long lines, nor did it make it into easy to transport bottles. The Beer of the Week is Moylan’s Brewery’s Hop Craic XXXX IPA.

Some addictions need to be taken to the next level. Laced with resinous oils from the lupulus cultivar, Hop Craic satiates the cravings of the hard core hop abuser. Warming alcohol and mind-bending hops will send you on a trip you will want to take again and again. 10.4% abv – draught only!

Hop Craic is labeled as a XXXX IPA, or a quadruple IPA. This title is a bit deceiving. Some breweries may label their double IPA as a near 10%  beer, while others might consider that level to be a triple IPA. These series of steps are not defined by anyone. With Moylan’s already featuring a triple IPA in Hopsickle, a more potent version of the beer would naturally earn the label of quadruple. This doesn’t mean the style of triple, or even quadruple IPA, is defined by anyone beyond the brewery who chooses to brew it.

Hop Craic (pronounced “Crack”) is exactly what one might expect from a beer of over 10% and 100 IBUs. The aroma is rich with tropical fruits, a common theme as new strains of hops strive for more flavor and less astringent bitterness. The intial hit on the palate is of considerable malt sweetness but is quickly balanced by a sharp bitterness and big fruity and floral hop flavors.  This finish is long and heavy, but balanced. The sweetness of the malt and the hops flavors balance against the lingering bitterness for a beer that is easy to drink and hides the significant alcohol kick well.

Hop Craic is just one of many new releases in the Bay Area for San Francisco Beer Week. As we wrap up  the events of the 10-day celebration, the beers ar sure to linger. Hop Craic is available on draft only, but has made its way to local pubs serving Moylan’s beer. For those who want more, the brewery in Novato is serving up this beer in 10 oz pours and take-home growlers as well. I hope SF Beer Week has been as fun for all of you as at has been for me.

(Sorry, no pics this week. Looks like they got lost in the shuffle of SF Beer Week Found them!)