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The Sam Adams Glass

Last week I sang the praises of the Sam Adams specially designed beer glass.  Recently, BevMo began stocking this glass and I was excited.  Well, on my most recent trip to the warehouse beverage market, I went on a hunt or the glass. 

The first place I headed was the back wall, but quickly noticed the brand names listed on the wall, essentially telling me “No Sam Adams glass here.”  So I hung my head in shame and noticed logo glasses on a small end cap.  I looked through the usual susects of pint glasses and pilsner flutes but saw nothing that caught my attention.  I decided I no longer cared, and went on looking for my beers for the night.  While gathering my things, my wife commented on a rather large bottle at the end of one aisle.  There they were, a whole shelf taking up an end cap, Sam Adams glasses.

I rushed over, excited that I ould be able to buy a new glass.  as I got in for a closer look the excitement faded.  The mages on the internet had seemed so appealing.  The glass was large, dynamic, had a certain presence to it, but in real life, seemed rather plain, and, honestly, a little cheesy.  There was no sparkle to this glass, and it looked like it would have a hard time holding a full pint.  I picked it up and there was no excitement to finally pouring a beer into this glass.  I had that excitement when I found my tulip glasses and snifter, but with this glass, nothing.

Not only that, no price was listed.  4 packs sell online for $32, was this an $8 glass?  Was it more?  I’d heard through the internet that it would be available for $5.  Which was it?  I held the glass, looked it over, rolld it in my hand, and it only became less interesting

In the end, I placed the glass on the shelf with other two dozen or so.  I was sad for a moment, then remembered I had two beers I had yet to try in my hand.  The memory of the disappointment quickly faded and was replaced with an anticipation for beer to come.