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Beeriodicals: Northwest Brewing News

So far, the magazines I have reviewed have been exactly that, magazines.  Today, I take a step back and reach for some good old newsprint.  Sure, your hands might get dirty, but for content and personality, it doesn’t get much better. 

In the world of beer related publications, Northwest Brewing News is the free weekly newspaper of the bunch.  First off, it’s free, and you can’t beat that.  You seem to find it just about anywhere a beer geek might find themselves, bars, homebrew shops, and fine beer retailers.  Finally, it’s loaded with quirky personalities and is unapologetic about what it is or who it might offend.

So now that you have an idea of what kind of read the Brewing News might be, let’s touch the content.  The Northwest Brewing News breaks down the “northwest” into the entire Pacific coast, from Alaska down through California, each section getting its own spotlight.  Interested in brewing hot spots like the Bay Area or Portland?  You’re in luck as these areas get double coverage with local writers as well as statewide coverage.

Want something that’s not just a recap of local news?  The columns and editorials offer a little something for everyone.  You can get dominated by the Beer Bitch, drink to your health, or even pick up a recipe or two.  I have a hard time imagining a section of beer geekdom that isn’t represented fairly by the magazine.

The Brewing News really helped get me into the world of beer, showing me how far down the rabbit hole went.  I started reading it after trips to the homebrew shop, but now find myself searching it out once the new issue hits newstands.  I enjoy this magazine so much that I’ve considered paying for something that’s free at bars and shops I frequent just to have it delivered to my home.

Live away from the West coast?  Don’t be worried, the Brewing News has a regional paper for everyone:  Great Lakes, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, Yankee, Rocky Mountain and Southern to go with Northwest.  Grab a copy, fold it up and stuff it in your back pocket.  This newspaper is best read in the quiet of your home while enjoying a beer, or surrounded by the clamor of a packed happy hour.