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Happy Birthday to Me: More Almoster 30

A couple years ago, two to be exact, a friend of mine told me I was almost thirty.  At the young age of 27, I was offended.  I was far from symbol of mid-life known as the big 3-0.  Well, this year, I am as close to that milestone as I will get.  So it is today that I start down the homestretch to 30. 

So, for my birthday, what have I done?  Well, as usual, I had a couple beers, but the beers weren’t as special as the container I drank them from.  Thanks to me lovely wife Jen, I got the coolest glass to drink from on my birthday:

The glass is a Lolita 22 ounce pilsner glass.  It will only be used on special occasions (my birthday), but I have to say, there is something quite comfortable about drinking from this glass.  The glass is rather thick and I simply enjoyed drinking out of it, completely independent of the hand painted decoration or the considerable buzz I was building up breaking in the new vessel.

I know, I kind of mailed it in with a post today, but it’s my birthday!  Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you with more interesting posts to come, or at least something of the quality you typically expect from this website.