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Rats in the Attic: The Brewing Session

As homebrewers, we all have our favorite recipes. Some have fond memories associated with them, some are adventurous successes that pushed our limits of creativity, and some are just plain excellent beers. Well, my pale ale, Rats in the Attic, is my favorite recipe. Continue reading Rats in the Attic: The Brewing Session

Fortified Beer?

I’m not necessarily a wine hater, I just don’t get it. I mean, I had a wine tasting phase where I at least learned what kind of wine I liked, but never went beyond that. One thing I do like is port. So while thinking about port I got the idea, why not beer? Continue reading Fortified Beer?

Welcome! Have a homebrew!

Welcome everyone! What better way to start off a blog about craft brewing and homebrewing than to share a recipe I tried a couple months back. The recipe is for a Wheat Porter and is based on Dick’s Elixir Wheat Porter from Radical Brewing(a book I strongly recommend for any homebrewer). The book provided an all-grain recipe, but since I have an extract setup, I created my own recipe using the Dick’s Elixir as a guide.
Continue reading Welcome! Have a homebrew!