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I Found Dr. Greenthumb

Back in the beginning of June, during our Hopinions series, I asked Pete for some help with my hop vines which didn’t want to grow too much. While my hops have decided to stay small, and are essentially a failure, Bill Velek stepped up and provided some very useful information.  You can follow the link I provided before, or just read below.  Continue reading I Found Dr. Greenthumb

Hop To It

One thing I have a lot of at my house is unused space. It drives me crazy. I keep telling myself I’m going to fix up the yard, plant a garden, make the patio look nice, yet it seems to moe at a snail’s pace. Since I recently got a lot more free time on my hands, I decided to finally do a project I’ve had on my mind for 2 years now: plant hops.  Continue reading Hop To It