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Beeraphenalia Sale

Normally, I’m not one to sell stuff on my site. In this case, I made an exception for a friend with a cool collection of beer items (lights, mirrors, tap handles and more) they’re looking to get rid of. Keep reading to see what’s for sale and see if anything might catch your eye. Continue reading Beeraphenalia Sale

Keeping It Kid Friendly

This past weekend I was put in charge of the two little ladies of the home while my wife celebrated her 30th birthday. This presented me with an opportunity to go have fun with the girls while also having the sole decision in the places we would eat. So on Friday we set out for the City on a kid friendly San Francisco beer excursion.  Continue reading Keeping It Kid Friendly

Beer of the Week: Almanac Beer Company Summer 2010

Working in the beer industry I get a chance to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends. Many of us who aren’t involved in the brewing process dream big of one day putting on the rubber boots. Occasionally, one of us makes it happen. This week, I want to praise one of those lucky few as I make Almanac Beer Company’s Summer 2010 my Beer of the Week. Continue reading Beer of the Week: Almanac Beer Company Summer 2010

Deschutes Brewing Company: At A Crossroads?

As long as I’ve been drinking beer, Deschutes Brewing has been there as one of the most trusted brands in the market. Black Butte Porter was one of my first dark beers and I remember my first wave of “they changed the recipe” speculation while Mirror Pond Pale was my go to drinking while living in Oregon. As the craft beer scene has evolved, they’ve been right there the entire way; seasonals, specialty series, barrel-aging, sours, fresh hops, etc. Yet today, entering its 23rd year, the 5th largest craft brewer in the country faces a bit of uncertainty.  Continue reading Deschutes Brewing Company: At A Crossroads?

Legendary Boonville Beer Festival: Save The Date

Every year, the Northern California beer festival circuit kicks off in the small town of Boonville, CA. This town is the home of Anderson Valley Brewing Company and the Mendocino County Fairgrounds. Every May (occasionally April) the Legendary Boonville Beer Festival takes place along with camping at the brewery and fairgrounds. Until Boonville takes place, the festival season really doesn’t begin. Once Boonville is over, so are many of the free weekends within the industry. So when does this festival take place every year? That’s the problem, nobody quite knows the answer.  Continue reading Legendary Boonville Beer Festival: Save The Date

My Ideal Beer Cave

Time for some wishful thinking.  Everybody dreams about their ultimate hangout, so why not do some sharing? Continue reading My Ideal Beer Cave

Reaction: Anheuser-Busch Purchases Goose Island

In case you haven’t heard, this was the news that most of the beer world woke up to:

What a turn of events. The deal is for $38.8 million split up between AB buying 58% for $22.5 million and Craft Brewers Alliance selling its 42% stake in the company for $16.3 million.


The initial reaction around Twitter was fairly swift and predictable. Personally, I tend to disagree with many of these opinions and here’s why.  Continue reading Reaction: Anheuser-Busch Purchases Goose Island

Finally, I’ve Arrived at Block 15 Brewing

After Zwicklemania in Portland, the family and I headed back south and made a pit stop in Corvallis. I had lived in Corvallis for 18 months so I was familiar with the lay of the land but our destination didn’t exist at that time. Block 15 Brewing is entering its third year in downtown Corvallis and it was about time for me to pay this place a visit.  Continue reading Finally, I’ve Arrived at Block 15 Brewing

SF Beer Week: Where Will I Be?

San Frnacisco Beer Week is a fantastic week of beercentric events. It’s actually so fantastic that it takes 10 days to finish. There’s plenty to do each day, but some people might want a little guidance as to where they should go. With that in mind, here’s where you can find me during SF Beer Week. Continue reading SF Beer Week: Where Will I Be?

Beer of the Week: Vanberg & DeWulf’s Hop Ruiter

I have to say, I’m a big fan of the trend of hoppy Belgian beers that have been coming out lately. I’m not talking about the American trend of Belgian IPA, where an IPA recipe is tweaked to bring out the best aspects of a Belgian yeast strain. I’m talking about Belgian styles where an American approach is taken but still using European ingredients. Duvel Green and Tripel Hop immediately come to mind, showcasing the big earthy and spicy hops of the continent, completely different than the piney, citrusy hops we Americans love. Vanberg & DeWulf’s Hop Ruiter is a similar beer. As it starts to show up on our shores, I wanted to make VanBerg and DeWulf’s Hop Ruiter my Beer of the Week. Continue reading Beer of the Week: Vanberg & DeWulf’s Hop Ruiter