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Men’s Journal Knows Beer

If the title of this post has confused you, you’re not alone.  Earlier this week, the magazine caught my attention with their announcement of the top five beer cities in the US. Then, I stumbled across their article naming the top 25 American craft beers. We all know how a list is great for debate, so let’s get started. Continue reading Men’s Journal Knows Beer

Beeriodicals: Imbibe Magazine

MOst of the magazines I’ve been reviewing have been exclusively about beer, or at least predominantly about beer.  Truth is, there’s still some information out there for the beer loving public that might come from less beer-centric sources.  One of those sources would be Imbibe Magazine.  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Imbibe Magazine

Beeriodicals: Celebrator Beer News

I’m sure many of you have wondered when I would get to this one.  As far as many are concerned, Celebrator Beer News is THE beer magazine.  Who could blame them?  With the most recent issue, Celebrator turned 21.  Think about that, 21 year of publishing about an industry that didn’t see the first craft beer movement until the early 90’s.  So what’s the secret to their longevity?  These guys are just so damn likeable!  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Celebrator Beer News

Beeriodicals: Brew Your Own

So far, all the beer publications I’ve reviewed have dealt with the commercial side of brewing.  What about those of us who enjoy brewing our own beer at home?  Well, here’s a magazine for you.  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Brew Your Own

Beeriodicals: Ale Street News

Not all of the beer publications are based out on the West Coast.  Ale Street News is based out of New Jersey and provides an East Coast perspective on the world of beer.  So what does a West Coast guy think of this East Coast publication?  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Ale Street News

Beeriodicals: Northwest Brewing News

So far, the magazines I have reviewed have been exactly that, magazines.  Today, I take a step back and reach for some good old newsprint.  Sure, your hands might get dirty, but for content and personality, it doesn’t get much better.  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Northwest Brewing News

Beeriodicals: Beer Magazine

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. If you’re walking through the magazine aisle, you might notice the cover of a magazine with the word beer written in big bold letters. Based on the cover of this magazine, with the sexy model posing with a can/glass/bottle of beer and the article teases full of innuendo, you might think they had spelled Maxim incorrectly on the top of the magazine. Everything about this magazine says college male demographic, so why even read it? Well, because, this is possibly one of the best beer magazines I’ve encountered.  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Beer Magazine

Beeriodicals: Beer Northwest

This is the magazine that started my search of beer magazines.  I forget where or how, but I heard about the magazine and stumbled upon the website.  Yearning for more beer news and articles, I set out to get a copy to read and see what Beer Northwest had to offer.  What I found was rewarding and informative.  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Beer Northwest

Beeriodicals: Intro

While I am sure everyone gets all of their beer related news right here at Brewed For Thought, you might be interested in reading information on beer from other sources.  There’s actually a lot of beer related magazines and newsletters out there so I took some time and set out to do some serious reading.  Starting . . . → Read More: Beeriodicals: Intro