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Book Review: The Beer Journal

When I get the opportunity, I try to delve into the published world of beer writing. It’s interesting the different types of books that are out there. Some are collections, listing the best beers in a region or the world. Others are brewing books, or books that focus on the history of brewing. Then of course, you have general education books. All of these are open to intense criticism, as there’s usually nothing necessarily new presented in these books, but a consolidation of known facts. The Beer Journal by Chris Wright is a little different. While providing the general history and information for a brief education, Wright puts together a book that allows you to compile your own experiences with the craft beer world in one place and know exactly where it is. Continue reading Book Review: The Beer Journal

Book Review: 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

I’ve spoke of my love of reference books in the past. Specifically, the old Baseball Encyclopedia was one that would hold my interest for hours on end as a kid. I would check it out from the library regularly and keep it the maximum time. I would lay on the carpet in front of the heater and pour over statistics of players I’d never seen play, but felt like I had known. Now as an adult, it may be time to renew that old habit. Continue reading Book Review: 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

Men’s Journal Knows Beer

If the title of this post has confused you, you’re not alone.  Earlier this week, the magazine caught my attention with their announcement of the top five beer cities in the US. Then, I stumbled across their article naming the top 25 American craft beers. We all know how a list is great for debate, so let’s get started. Continue reading Men’s Journal Knows Beer

Imbibe’s “99 Bottles” and Why I’m So Frustrated

“What’s the best beer in the world?” This is the question that starts the article 99 Bottles in the latest Imbibe issue. “100 of the Best Bottled Beers in the World” is splashed across the cover and my writing juices get flowing. Lists are gold for a writer, we can pick them apart, scoff at the #1 pick, and walk away in the end without daring to make our own list with a sense of superiority knowing that someone else is absolutely wrong. Imbibe even sent out a press release to let me know about their latest compilation of beers. It is precisely due to all this build up that I sit here today completely frustrated.  Continue reading Imbibe’s “99 Bottles” and Why I’m So Frustrated

Man Walks Into a Pub

Lately I’ve been prepping for the onset of middle-age by spending more time with a book.  This started with the camping trip I just got back from when I decided it was tiome to read Pete Brown’s Man Walks Into a Pub. Well, that was a couple weeks ago, and I just got around to finishing the book, so now it’s time to share my thoughts.  Continue reading Man Walks Into a Pub

Facing a Deadline

Normally, I just write whatever comes to mind, quality be damned. Now that I have a paying job to write a column for the Northwest Brewing News, I’ve find myself actually contemplating the words I expect the public to see.  So facing the first deadline of my “career,” I have found little time to actually devote to my loyal readers.  In response, I’m going back to my roots, with a stream of consciousness type post.  Enjoy!  Continue reading Facing a Deadline

Beeriodicals: Imbibe Magazine

MOst of the magazines I’ve been reviewing have been exclusively about beer, or at least predominantly about beer.  Truth is, there’s still some information out there for the beer loving public that might come from less beer-centric sources.  One of those sources would be Imbibe Magazine.  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Imbibe Magazine

Beeriodicals: Celebrator Beer News

I’m sure many of you have wondered when I would get to this one.  As far as many are concerned, Celebrator Beer News is THE beer magazine.  Who could blame them?  With the most recent issue, Celebrator turned 21.  Think about that, 21 year of publishing about an industry that didn’t see the first craft beer movement until the early 90’s.  So what’s the secret to their longevity?  These guys are just so damn likeable!  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Celebrator Beer News

Beeriodicals: Brew Your Own

So far, all the beer publications I’ve reviewed have dealt with the commercial side of brewing.  What about those of us who enjoy brewing our own beer at home?  Well, here’s a magazine for you.  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Brew Your Own

Beeriodicals: Ale Street News

Not all of the beer publications are based out on the West Coast.  Ale Street News is based out of New Jersey and provides an East Coast perspective on the world of beer.  So what does a West Coast guy think of this East Coast publication?  Continue reading Beeriodicals: Ale Street News