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Home Brew Recipe of the Month: Hop Head Double IPA

I’d like to introduce the Home Brew Recipe of the Month, a new feature brought to you in conjunction between Brewed For Thought and Midwest Supplies. Each Month we’ll share our experiences with a Midwest Supplies Homebrew Kit and let you know what we think. Behind the brew paddle will be Brewed For Thought contributor Dan Thompson. I hope you enjoy this latest addition to the Brewed For Thought site. Continue reading Home Brew Recipe of the Month: Hop Head Double IPA

Sonoma Beerocrats Iron Brewer

No studio audiences, no TV cameras, no crazy Japanese guy; this is Iron Brewer. Instead of Kaga, we have Mike Kelly, president of the Sonoma Beerocrats. So how do you have an Iron Chef inspired homebrew competition? Keep reading. Continue reading Sonoma Beerocrats Iron Brewer

Looking for an Internship? Try a Cuisinternship

How would it sound to get an opportunity to follow a trained professional in your favorite field for a week straight, all expenses paid.  Sounds great, right? Well there’s a contest where they are offering up these internships to people in seven fields:  Artisan Food Producer, Brew Master, Chef, Rancher, Fisherman, Winemaker and Distiller. All you have to do is submit a short video and twitter sized description of why you deserve to win.  More details below.  Continue reading Looking for an Internship? Try a Cuisinternship

Public Enemy Number One: Autolysis

Sour milk, ripe cheese, fetid, rotten meat, gamey, B.O., eraser, burnt rubber. These are all descriptors that came up when sampling a couple beers this afternoon. What makes it worse, these were highly lauded, expensive bottles of beer. So there are a few questions out there. First, have you ever experienced autolysis in a commericall bottled beer in the last decade? Also, what might be attributed to this spoilage?  Continue reading Public Enemy Number One: Autolysis

Get Involved!

With the availability of good beer that we enjoy today, it’s easy to become complacent. As beer drinkers, we need to make sure that our voice is heard and that our interests our protected by our elected officials.  This is why I’m re-posting this email from the Brewer’s Association and hope you get involved.  Continue reading Get Involved!

I Found Dr. Greenthumb

Back in the beginning of June, during our Hopinions series, I asked Pete for some help with my hop vines which didn’t want to grow too much. While my hops have decided to stay small, and are essentially a failure, Bill Velek stepped up and provided some very useful information.  You can follow the link I provided before, or just read below.  Continue reading I Found Dr. Greenthumb

Hopinions: Homebrewing (aka Better Late Than Never)

Every other Thursday, Brewed for Thought and BetterBeerBlog are teaming up for a piece called Hopinions. We will alternate who picks the topic and trade emails on the subject, two apiece. This week Pete’stopic was inspired by the recent National Homebrewer’s Conference in Oakland.  Thanks to the conference, this session of Hopinions is coming to you a few days late. Continue reading Hopinions: Homebrewing (aka Better Late Than Never)

Beer of the Week: Terrapin Beer Co. Monk’s Revenge

Last week, my Beer of the Week was a bit of a disappointment.  With that in mind, I really wanted something to blow me away for this week’s entry.  I was so determined, I searched far and wide for a suitable beer.  The search took me to Southern California initially, but that well was dry.  So my adventure took me further from home, across the dry southwest, across the muddy Mississippi, through the land of Dixie until I finally found what I was searching for in the state of Georgia.  Continue reading Beer of the Week: Terrapin Beer Co. Monk’s Revenge

North Carolina: Come On and Raise Up (a Pint)

As I mentioned the other day, I was lucky enough to receive a package of beer from Ryan in South Carolina recently. Ironically, the reason the package was originally sent was to share some beers that actually hail from North Carolina. With almost a full mixed six to get through, I felt Highland Brewing Company deserved a day all to itself.  Continue reading North Carolina: Come On and Raise Up (a Pint)

Calistoga Inn and Brewery

Back during SF Beer Week I was able to try a beer from a brewery I had yet to sample.  It was the IPA from Calistoga Inn.  I rather enjoyed the beer and was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Rex of the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce inviting me to the brewery to sample the beers and take a tour of the facilities.  I can never turn an opportunity to drink beer, so my wife and I packed up the baby and headed to Napa County.  Continue reading Calistoga Inn and Brewery