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19th Annual Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff

As craft beer moves more into the mainstream, the concept of the beer festival has begun to change. While the classic beer festival (long lines, small pours, hours of drinking) i still common, new twists have begun to emerge that bring beer and other facets of culture together. One of the natural matches is the Chili Cookoff. This year, the Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff expanded the craft beer presence and created a unique event that brought beer, salsa and chili to the community and was greeted with open arms. Continue reading 19th Annual Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff

2015 San Francisco Cider Summit

Cider’s time in the sun is now and the Cider Summit’s second annual event in San Francisco on April 25 was a testament to that. More than 120 different ciders – from the U.S., Canada, and beyond — were showcased at the event at the Presidio. Continue reading 2015 San Francisco Cider Summit

2015 Sonoma County Beer, Cider & Spirits Conference

Not surprisingly, with the rise of craft beer’s popularity, and with the heavy concentration of local producers throughout the alcoholic beverage industry, Sonoma County has begun to broaden it’seconomic view and welcome the growth (and jobs) of the beer, cider and spirits worlds. This February, the Economic Development Board held it’s second Beer, Cider & Spirits Conference, welcoming producers from around the area for an afternoon-long event discussing the challenges and opportunities of the beverage industry in Sonoma County.  Continue reading 2015 Sonoma County Beer, Cider & Spirits Conference

San Francisco Beer Week 2015: My Recap (Part 2)

I started my recap of Beer Week earlier this week and this is the completion of that recap. To see the first half, follow the link to San Francisco Beer Week 2015: My Recap (Part 1)Continue reading San Francisco Beer Week 2015: My Recap (Part 2)

Tri-Valley Beer Trail

This past week, ahead of the Brewing Network’s Winter Brews Festival, I ventured further south down the 680 Corridor and found my way in the Dublin-Pleasanton area. It was here that I would begin a tour of one of the Bay Area’s emerging beer hot spots. The Tri-Valley Beer Trail highlights the best of the region and allows you to get some free stuff while enjoying the beer you already love.  Continue reading Tri-Valley Beer Trail

Brewing Network’s Winter Brews Festival 2015

In any industry, there will exist certain crews that exist that cross the lines of employment. The Brewing Network and their BN Army is one of those crews in the beer industry. Having started out in a home studio, the Brewing Network has grown to be an influential collection of homebrewers, brewers and industry experts promoting events, hosting events and even this last year, opening their own pub. Every January, they host the Winter Brews Festival and bring the BN Army out for an afternoon in January.  Continue reading Brewing Network’s Winter Brews Festival 2015

Inaugural NorCal Beer Geeks Beer Festival

Another beer festival? It seems as if everyone is throwing a beer fest these days. Thankfully, some are taking a different stab at the beer festival and creating an experience beyond large quantities of beer and large festival spaces. The NorCal Beer Geeks are one of them and this was their first festival.  Continue reading Inaugural NorCal Beer Geeks Beer Festival

Fresh Hop Festival 2014

Every September hundreds of breweries make the long trek to the Yakima Valley in Washington State for the highly sought-after fresh hop. The intense floral, resin, and grassy elements you get from a beer brewed with fresh hops is not something you normally get from an IPA available year-round, which is made from dried hops. The Fresh Hop Festival celebrates the annual picking (and brewing) of hops with this beer festival set in Downtown Yakima.  Continue reading Fresh Hop Festival 2014

San Francisco Craft Beer Festival: From Behind the Concierge’s Table

With beer festivals popping up everywhere, it’s becoming difficult to determine which are worth the ticket price. Festivals are looking for different ways to attract guests. There are themed festivals, festivals who aim to feature the most beers, others who feature a carefully curated list, and others who simply throw them by the seat of their pants. This weekend, Mad Dog Presents made their first foray into the Bay Area festival scene and invited yours truly to work the concierge table. Here’s a look at the first San Francisco Craft Beer Festival as experienced by someone on the other side of the table.  Continue reading San Francisco Craft Beer Festival: From Behind the Concierge’s Table

Brews on the Bay 2014

Once again the San Francisco Brewers Guild have outdone themselves with their annual Brews on the Bay event held on the World Ware II ship, the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien. This year marked the 11th anniversary of the event and has risen as one of the top go to beer festivals in the Bay Area.  Continue reading Brews on the Bay 2014