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Bud Light Platinum: What ‘new occasions’ do you have in mind?

AB InBev release a press release yesterday about their new Bud Light Platinum beer. As you’d imagine, when a company is multiple times the size of the entire craft brewing market, people begin to talk. So what’s the deal with Bud Light’s newest iteration?  Continue reading Bud Light Platinum: What ‘new occasions’ do you have in mind?

Lagunitas Expansion Update: June 2011

Lagunitas Brewing is a busy place. This isn’t taking into account the hustle and bustle of producing the most beer of any craft brewer in the Bay Area. It also doesn’t take into account the recent release of Lucky 13.alt or a soon to be released doppleweizen. Even without those things, Lagunitas is keeping busy with its current expansion plans. Recently owner Tony Magee had me by to show me some of the new changes.  Continue reading Lagunitas Expansion Update: June 2011

Deschutes Brewing Company: At A Crossroads?

As long as I’ve been drinking beer, Deschutes Brewing has been there as one of the most trusted brands in the market. Black Butte Porter was one of my first dark beers and I remember my first wave of “they changed the recipe” speculation while Mirror Pond Pale was my go to drinking while living in Oregon. As the craft beer scene has evolved, they’ve been right there the entire way; seasonals, specialty series, barrel-aging, sours, fresh hops, etc. Yet today, entering its 23rd year, the 5th largest craft brewer in the country faces a bit of uncertainty.  Continue reading Deschutes Brewing Company: At A Crossroads?

Reaction: Anheuser-Busch Purchases Goose Island

In case you haven’t heard, this was the news that most of the beer world woke up to:

What a turn of events. The deal is for $38.8 million split up between AB buying 58% for $22.5 million and Craft Brewers Alliance selling its 42% stake in the company for $16.3 million.


The initial reaction around Twitter was fairly swift and predictable. Personally, I tend to disagree with many of these opinions and here’s why.  Continue reading Reaction: Anheuser-Busch Purchases Goose Island

Hop Press: Total Recall

There has been a rash of recalls recently. At the half point of 2010, we’ve already seen 4 recalls or cancelations of brews from major breweries. Three recalls (Goose Island, Bell’s and Avery) were due to spoilage while Deschutes recently canceled the release of their anniversary beer Black Butte XXII. What’s causing all of this, and from major breweries no less? Poor quality control? Reckless experimentation? Or is it simply bad luck? Continue reading Hop Press: Total Recall

Introducing Odonata Beer Company

I got an email this morning announcing the arrival of Odonata’s Saison and I had to share the news with everyone. Odonata Beer Company is based in Sacramento and is the basically a two man operation. Peter Hoey, formerly of Sacramento Brewing Co., and Rick Sellers, formerly of DRAFT Magazine and Pacific Brewing News, have teamed up for (in my opinion) the most exciting new brewery in California in 2010. Their beer has been trickling out to the masses for a while now, but with the arrival of Saison, they now have their flagship. Please read below for a couple press releases as well as a recipe from the Homebrew Chef. Continue reading Introducing Odonata Beer Company

Hop Press: Reactions to Anchor Brewing’s Sale

I already announced the news and my thoughts about the Anchor Brewing sale, but if you’d like to hear some responses from local brewers, head on over to the Hop Press for my latest article. Continue reading Hop Press: Reactions to Anchor Brewing’s Sale

Anchor Brewing Sold to the Griffin Group

Just a few short weeks ago, Anderson Valley Brewing Company was sold to Trey White. While the rumors had been going around, it still caught a lot of people off guard. Today, even more shocking news hit the wire as Anchor Brewing Announced its sale to The Griffin Group. Continue reading Anchor Brewing Sold to the Griffin Group

Beer of the Week: Terrapin Beer Co. Side Project No. 10 – Capt’n Krunkles

The Beer of the Week is always a bit of a struggle for me. Which beer do i choose? Do I have a theme for the week? Can the Beer of the Week be more than just about the beer? In the case, the answer to the last question is yes. My Beer of the Week is Terrapin Beer Company’s Side Project Number 10, Capt’n Krunkles. Continue reading Beer of the Week: Terrapin Beer Co. Side Project No. 10 – Capt’n Krunkles

Lagunitas Happenings

When a brewery is pumping out near 80,000 barrels of beer a year, you would expect them to focus on production. They would have to. Just to reach that amount of beer they would have to brew near 7,000 gallons of beer every day. Even with such demand on their facilities, Lagunitas is brewing numerous one-off beers. Here’s a little sampling of what they’ve been up to lately. Continue reading Lagunitas Happenings