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Site Problems: UPDATE

Late Saturday night, tired and ready for bed, I decided to play around with the new WordPress 3.0 features. One of those features was a one-click theme update. The result? Brewed For Thought, a work of art, long perfected for the enjoyment of my readers, was turned into a generic wordpress sample theme. Continue reading Site Problems: UPDATE

Announcing the Session #39: Collaborations

Every month I like to participate in The Session, a monthly unified blogging topic where one host picks the topic and the rest of us write about it. At the end of this massive day of writing, the host then recaps the whole thing. For May, none other than yours truly will be hosting the event. No, Brewed For Thought won’t be the one doing the hosting. Instead it will be over at the Hop press where the topic of Collaborations seems a bit more fitting. Continue reading Announcing the Session #39: Collaborations

We’re Expanding

Brewed For Thought has been bringing news about beer my readers for over 2 years now, and I felt it was time to branch out into other aspects of my life.  As many of you know, I am a father to a beautiful little girl, Kaleigh.  When possible, she makes appearances on the site, showing her love for our favorite fermented beverage.  Her and I connect over the topic of beer in so many ways, and I figured that other parents probably do the same with their children, which is why we are launching our newest site today, Brewed For TotsContinue reading We’re Expanding

Temporary Hiatus

You may have noticed a lack of posts on brewed For Thought. I apologize but have been having DSL problems of late. Blogging from the cell phone isn’t very easy so sadly, Brewed For Thought has been sacrificed for the time being. Please visit my site on the Hop Press for regular SF Beer Week updates . . . → Read More: Temporary Hiatus

The Brewing News Goes Online

The first beer related newspaper I read regularly was the foldable newsprint called the Northwest Brewing News. I would anxiously wait for new issues and pour through the information for the next 2 months until I could repeat the process. By the end of that time, the paper was tattered, ripped and some of the articles were less than readable from spending time folding in a back pocket. Now, there’s a solution. The Brewing News is now available to read online. Continue reading The Brewing News Goes Online

Introducing Cask Night at Taps

Since before Taps in Petaluma opened, I’ve been working with the owner Eric Lafranchi on providing the best craft beer experience possible. We put together 30 great taps, threw a big Grand Opening party and have been featuring a rotating Featured Tap. Now, it’s time for a regular spot for Brewed For Thought at Taps: Wednesday nights. Continue reading Introducing Cask Night at Taps

Announcing Trivia Night with Rio Nido Roadhouse

This seems to be a week for announcements, and I’m going to keep it coming. Starting this week, and every week here after, Brewed For Thought will be working with the Rio Nido Roadhouse to put on a special pint night and trivia night. Continue reading Announcing Trivia Night with Rio Nido Roadhouse

Introducing the RateBeer Hop Press

Nothing like spreading yourself thin, right?  In the name of writing as much as I can, and hoping to make a living doing so, I want to announce the new RateBeer HopPress. Continue reading Introducing the RateBeer Hop Press

Foodbuzz Blogger Festival

On Friday I drove down to San Francisco for the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival. This was a three day festival (conference?) of food and fine beverage that I was only able to attend for one day. The biggest aspect of the festival, for me anyways, was the Foodbuzz Blog Awards, where I was nominated for the Best Beer Blog category. So what happened? Continue reading Foodbuzz Blogger Festival

Wish Me Luck

Well folks, I’m off to San Francisco for the next day or so. The reason is the Foodbuzz Bloggers Festival. While this is a private festival (convention?) there is a reason to share the event with all of you: the winne of the Golden Forks will be announced. You’ll probably find me running around with local . . . → Read More: Wish Me Luck