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A Weekend in Reno (Canfest 2013 Edition)

Every year we make the trip to Reno for Canfest (this was our third) we make good use of our time spent traveling into the mountains. In the past, we’ve traveled with the kids and enjoyed downtown, but as Canfest moved to the Peppermill we took the opportunity to have a weekend just for the adults and to discover a little more of Reno.  Continue reading A Weekend in Reno (Canfest 2013 Edition)

A Trip to Reno and Canfest 2012

In what is quickly becoming an annual tradition for me, this past weekend, the family and I packed the car and headed for Reno. The reason for the trip was a unique festival that focuses on craft beer served in cans. Yes, we were in the World Biggest Little City for the 4th Annual CanfestContinue reading A Trip to Reno and Canfest 2012

A Weekend in NOLA

My good friend, Willie Green, hip hop producer extradinaire is getting married soon. So, for his Bachelor Party we took off for New Orleans.  Any trip taken any place for me is going to be about what beer I can try and get exposed to, so when I got back I figured I would contribute a post about the New Orleans beer scene since I tried everything that I could get my hands on out there.  Continue reading A Weekend in NOLA