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Calistoga Inn and Brewery

Back during SF Beer Week I was able to try a beer from a brewery I had yet to sample.  It was the IPA from Calistoga Inn.  I rather enjoyed the beer and was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Rex of the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce inviting me to the brewery to sample the beers and take a tour of the facilities.  I can never turn an opportunity to drink beer, so my wife and I packed up the baby and headed to Napa County.  Continue reading Calistoga Inn and Brewery

Happy Birthday to Me: More Almoster 30

A couple years ago, two to be exact, a friend of mine told me I was almost thirty.  At the young age of 27, I was offended.  I was far from symbol of mid-life known as the big 3-0.  Well, this year, I am as close to that milestone as I will get.  So it is today that I start down the homestretch to 30.  Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me: More Almoster 30

The Super Bowl Recap

It’s the morning after the Super Bowl.  Regardless of the beer and food consumed the day before, we’re all expected to be back at work this morning.  The game was exciting and I ate too much greasy food, so I would have to call it a success.  While stuffing my face and ultimately having my heart broken, I did manage to try a couple beers worth sharing with you.  Continue reading The Super Bowl Recap

A Visit From An Old Friend – Day 1

Wes made another trip down to Santa Rosa, and as usual, it was loaded with beer.  It can be a bit intimidating, as when he comes to town, we’re both trying to squeeze in 6 months of “you gotta try this” into a couple evenings.  This time around, we had 2 evenings, so hopefully, we could pace ourselves.  Continue reading A Visit From An Old Friend – Day 1

Beer Stuff on your Television

In case you’re looking for something to watch tonight, Dirty Jobs on Discovery will be airing their episode on hop farms tonight.  The show repeats numerous times, so I am sure you can find a repeat if you miss it tonight.  Need something more specific, here are the replay times:  Continue reading Beer Stuff on your Television

Iron Chef Takes on Beer

I love when beer makes its way onto TV, especially when it’s used as an ingredient in cooking.  In this case it’s the game show styled cooking show Iron Chef America.  I missed the original airing, but they have been replaying it all week and I finally got a chance to watch it tonight.  Continue reading Iron Chef Takes on Beer

The Works: Beer

Gotta love it when beer makes it’s way onto the television.  Unfortunately, most beer shows are pretty bad.  I got a text message from a friend a few days ago alerting me to a beer show on History Channel, but I ignored it, thinking it was the Modern Marvels show I had seen numerous times.  Well, it wasn’t.  it was The Works, a new series on History Channel.  Continue reading The Works: Beer

Two For One From Mr. Brand

One of my favorite beer blogs (in case you hadn’t noticed) is written by William Brand. This last week he’s put together quite a few posts that I really liked, but in particular were the two listed below that I wanted to comment on. Continue reading Two For One From Mr. Brand

Top Chef Tackles Beer

I guess you could call me a bit of a foodie. My friends that have known me for some time have known that I’ve liked to cook longer than I’ve liked to drink beer. So,of course, the wife and I are big fans of Top Chef. For the longest time I’ve been waiting to see Garrett Oliver on the show with a beer pairing challenge. While my dream didn’t come true, they did have a challenge on the show, even if it was a quick fire challenge. Continue reading Top Chef Tackles Beer

The Thirsty Traveler Visits Alaska

I have to say, I love my TiVo.  There is a feature called Wishlist where you can enter a keyword and TiVo finds all programs with that word in the title or description.  So, being who I am, I entered “beer.”  I waded through the results and found a few shows that seemed interesting.  The one that jumped out as a very interesting show was “The Thirsty Traveler.”  Continue reading The Thirsty Traveler Visits Alaska