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Tri-Valley Beer Trail

This past week, ahead of the Brewing Network’s Winter Brews Festival, I ventured further south down the 680 Corridor and found my way in the Dublin-Pleasanton area. It was here that I would begin a tour of one of the Bay Area’s emerging beer hot spots. The Tri-Valley Beer Trail highlights the best of the region and allows you to get some free stuff while enjoying the beer you already love.  Continue reading Tri-Valley Beer Trail

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

Growing up on the Central Coast, Half Moon Bay was known for one thing: giant pumpkins. The annual pumpkin festival was marked by the year’s largest pumpkin being paraded through the streets on a flatbed truck. Today, the festival is still a big part of the town, but my main interest lies along the coast at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Recently, new brewers James Costa and Shane Aldrich have brought new life to beer at the old English-style pub and I wanted to get a first hand taste of what was going on.  Continue reading Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

Pyramid Brewing Celebrates 30 Years with Two New Beers

There are many symbolic breweries in Washington state, both current and ones that have closed their doors over the years. Redhook, Olympia, Pike, Rainier, Pacific Brewing & Malting, and Pyramid all bring fond memories to numerous craft beer lovers. Pyramid Brewing is celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2014 and invited us to learn about their history, their brewing process, and what new beers they are releasing. Continue reading Pyramid Brewing Celebrates 30 Years with Two New Beers

Jaded Toad Serves Up Craft Beer and BBQ to the Town Green

Craft beer is everywhere. Well, at least if you live in Sonoma County it is. With restaurants featuring beer paired menus becoming more and more popular, it’s refreshing to get back to a classic beer garden and some traditionally beer-paired food. What goes better with outdoor dining and a cold beer than BBQ? Let’s take a look at what’s going on at the Jaded Toad Grill & BBQ in Windsor.  Continue reading Jaded Toad Serves Up Craft Beer and BBQ to the Town Green

Hiding in Plain Sight: Spinster Sisters

The concept of craft beer has been moving beyond the pint glass and into other aspects of our lives for some time. When you expect more from your beer, you tend to expect more from other things as well. Food is the easiest extension of this idea and in Santa Rosa we’re seeing that good food and good beer go hand in hand. This brought me to a hidden neighborhood located right in the middle of Santa Rosa to visit a restaurant that bring goof food, good beer, wine and community together under one roof. Join me as I check in on Spinster Sisters.  Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight: Spinster Sisters

Hitachino Sake & Beer Dinner at Jimmy’s 43 with Chef Kathy Erway

When I heard about the Head Brewer of Hitachino being in town for a Sake & Beer Dinner at Jimmy’s 43 I knew I had to take advantage of this rare opportunity and be present. With Hitachino being the largest and best known stateside of Japan’s Craft Breweries, I knew there had to be some amazing history to learn. To be honest, their most well known Red Rice Ale isn’t something I go to regularly, although I have always been fascinated by the Japanese import because of it’s different ingredients and artistically driven Owl on the label. I was ready to explore this brewery much deeper, and that’s just what happened for me this night.  Continue reading Hitachino Sake & Beer Dinner at Jimmy’s 43 with Chef Kathy Erway

April Sours Dinner with Chef Patti Jackson at Jimmy’s No. 43

It should be stated before I even begin to describe the night, that my attendance at this dinner allowed me to sample some of the finest Belgian sour beers available, all of which I’d probably never had access to without showing up at this particular event.  That’s the kind of thing that’s happening at the East Village’s Jimmy’s No. 43 on a regular basis and it deserves to be highlighted.  Continue reading April Sours Dinner with Chef Patti Jackson at Jimmy’s No. 43

NYC Beer Week 2013: aPorkapolypse Now

Editor’s Note: This article was ready long ago, but I dropped the ball and only recently posted it. I apologize to Paul for his prompt delivery and having to wait and to the readers for the not-so-timely article. That said, here’s a recap of what I thought was one of the more intriguing events from NYC Beer Week.

During NYC Beer Week I marked my calendar for an event called “aPORKalypse Now”. They had me at “Pork”.  I had just returned from a sanctioned work trip out of town and the very next day I found myself venturing all the way from my apartment on Staten Island to far off Long Island City in Queens.  If you know me, you already know I managed to get lost on the way there, the thought of delicious pork taunting me in my mind the entire way.  I took the wrong train to the wrong part of Long Island City, ended up walking who knows how far on foot trying to hail a cab in a portion of Queens that had more cabs then pedestrians by 10 fold, but where none would pick me up.  I reached a new level of hatred for cabbies that day as none of them would let me in the cab before I told them where I was going (which is illegal) and when I told them I needed to stay in Queens the reaction was “this is the end of my shift” or flat out laughter and speeding away.  I kid you not.  I reached a point of frustration of literally screaming out loud on the streets of the more industrial portion of Long Island City.  Continue reading NYC Beer Week 2013: aPorkapolypse Now

A Trip to Reno and Canfest 2012

In what is quickly becoming an annual tradition for me, this past weekend, the family and I packed the car and headed for Reno. The reason for the trip was a unique festival that focuses on craft beer served in cans. Yes, we were in the World Biggest Little City for the 4th Annual CanfestContinue reading A Trip to Reno and Canfest 2012

Recipe of the Month: Spicy Sweet Blueberry Coconut Sauce

This post is one week late. The reason for that is one week ago we were holding the Tears and Beers event at Taps in Petaluma. The event paired sauces inspired by the line of hot sauces from Heartbreaking Dawns. Seven sauces were paired with seven beers and served on chicken wings (is there a better way to enjoy a spicy flavorful sauce?). Here is just one of the sauces and comes from the mind of Abraham Asay, chef at Petaluma Taps.  Continue reading Recipe of the Month: Spicy Sweet Blueberry Coconut Sauce